Seamlessly integrate

Automatically bring your data from multiple apps into and finally have all your team’s work in one place.

- Team favorites -

Most popular integrations

Connect your favorite tools with just a few clicks. Enjoy the added benefit
of two-way sync so you can continue using tools you love.


Instantly share important updates, information and files in Slack #channels from directly inside to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Slack logo


Connect your inbox with your workflows. Automatically convert emails into action items and updates to track and manage inside

Outlook logo


Streamline customer requests with absolute ease. Connect your support team to the rest of the company and have tickets handled quickly.

Zendesk logo


Convert Jira issues into manageable tasks inside so teams across the company are aligned, and every aspect of your workflow is transparent.

Jira logo


Organize Typeform submissions easily in one visual place. Add all the data to to better manage your projects, orders and leads.

Typeform logo


Upload an Excel spreadsheet and see your data in a beautiful board that's easy to use, and totally customizable to fit your team's needs.

Excel logo


Collaborating on files has never been this easy. Quickly and securely attach, share and preview files stored in Dropbox from within

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Two-way sync makes collaborating across these tools so much easier. Create new tasks in Asana and see them automatically reflected as a new task in

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Easily collaborate while using your tool of choice. Create new cards in Trello and see them automatically reflected as new items in

Trello logo


Easily track your leads and manage your pipeline and client projects from Salesforce with
(For Enterprise plans only).

- Google apps -

Everyday Google tool integrations

Continue using Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail

Google Calendar

Manage your time more effectively and always be on top of important deadlines.

Google calendar logo

Google Drive

Access, attach and preview any file stored in the Drive directly to tasks.

Google Drive logo

Google Mail

Automatically convert emails into action items and updates inside

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More integrations you might like

Supercharge your workflow with these useful tools


Create a seamless link between your Shopify store and Easily track your products, inventory, and orders in a single glance within

Shopify logo


Automate duplicating tasks from one list to another so nothing ever falls through the cracks. Easily switch between tools so you can manage tasks and to-dos in both.

Basecamp logo


Use data enrichment to convert any lead into a prospect. Seamlessly pull the right data to understand customers, build demand and see results in

Clearbit logo


Add automatic SMS notifications to your workflow. Set triggers and create customized text messages to be sent directly to clients, customers and more.

Twilio logo


Manage your email campaigns Get the latest stats on deployed emails and collect new lead details in the most organized way.

Mailchimp logo


Automatically sync bugs and features from Github to and use our powerful communication features to make sure everyone stays in the loop.

GitHub logo


Integrate your Todoist projects with and sync your projects and stay up to date on changes made in Todoist without leaving your boards.